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About Us


It is my pleasure to welcome you to Furqaan Academy for grades Pre-K to 12th. For over 14 years, our school has been committed to answering a fundamental question: “What matters most when educating your child/children at Furqaan?”

Continually refining our answer to that question has helped us to grow and evolve with purpose and passion. Both are visible everywhere when you visit our campus or see our program in action, which is, focus on memorizing the Quran and our integrated Hifz program for our young children, along with full time academic school for all.

We have the freedom to develop a modern and remarkable curriculum that is not only exceptional academically, but also Islamically. Furqaan responds to what the world needs now more than ever – respect, discipline, compassion, generosity, grace, intention, justice, and hope. As a result, our students enjoy the experience, are confident and competent. Also, they recognize a world beyond their own needs.

Our school culture demands that our students, teachers, and families be ever mindful of their role in setting and reaching goals. Our students and teachers pose questions and ideas that provoke and inspire deep understanding and tangible growth.

We will continue to focus on our every student, in every classroom, and everyday approach to ensure that all Furqaan Academy students have the world-class education they deserve Islamically and academically.

Please join Furqaan!

Ms. Nazia M. Jalali, M.Ed.


Furqaan Academy Bolingbrook, founded in 2008, is a Pre-K – 12th Full-Time Islamic School with Integrated and Full-Time Hifdh. Our vision is to raise good Muslim citizens who are strong in faith, well-grounded in the Quranic knowledge, and have a strong foundation in academics.

Furqaan Academy is the manifestation of the founder’s, Wajahat Sayeed of Al-Furqaan Foundation, vision to develop students who are grounded in the Quran – a Quranic generation. As an organization devoted to the service of the Quran in the west, the Foundation wants to ensure that the upcoming generations will come closer to the Quran by understanding its language and by proper training of implementing the Quran and Sunnah in their daily lives. The choice of being a Muslim should be a natural choice, due to their understanding of the deen and not merely as a virtue of being born in the faith.

Following the success of the first school in Bolingbrook, IL, Br. Wajahat Sayeed (Founder and President of Al-Furqaan Foundation) launched Online branch in 2022.


Furqaan Academy Bolingbrook, with its pioneering curriculum, aims to create and empower generations of students who are confident of their Muslim identity in America and are able to pursue and excel in any field of study with a strong grounding in Islamic knowledge by providing a nurturing and inclusive learning environment.

Our Mission

To provide a balanced Pre-K to 12th grade education that combines both revealed and acquired knowledge by integrating a Quran- centered Islamic education program with a comprehensive state education program, that prepares our students to: Display exemplary Islamic morals and character Meet the modern challenges of our diverse society without compromising our identity Attain excellence in any field of study Become contributing leaders and members of our Ummah and society at large

Our Goal

With our Quran-based curriculum, we study the wonders of Allah’s creation, build character, and inspire the soul. Upon the successful completion of 12th grade, Insha’Allah students will have completed the following: Memorization of the Quran Mastery of Arabic language Knowledge of the Quran and Sunnah Traditional Islamic knowledge, history and values Aalim Preparatory Courses Comprehensive State Education Program (math, science, language arts, and social studies)

Parent Testimonials

Integrated Hifdh Program

Our program integrates Hifdh of Quran (2 hrs/day) with Arabic language, Islamic Studies and standard state curriculum (Pre-K – 7th grade).

Integrated Alim Program

Our program integrates an Alim/Scholar preparatory program along with a standard state curriculum (8th – 12th grade).

Quranic Studies

Our programs focus beyond Quran memorization, it focuses on understanding the Quran and implementing it into our students’ daily lives, therefore Arabic and Islamic Studies are taught daily from Pre-K – 12th grade.

Islamic Adaab

Our program incorporates tarbiya to teach our students proper Islamic adaab (manners) and akhlaq (etiquettes).


Our program is balanced in its emphasis on “DEEN” and “DUNYA” education.

A Balanced Education

We believe our students will not only master traditional Islamic sciences but will excel in any field of study including medicine, science or technology, Insha’Allah.

Nurturing a Sense of Belonging

We believe in nurturing a sense of community and belonging in our students not only in the Muslim Community but as contributing members of the broader American community through dawah, civic engagement and advocacy.

No Muslim Child Left Behind

We believe in a “No Muslim Child Left Behind” policy and strive to make this opportunity affordable for all Muslims.

Safe Environment

We believe in providing a safe and socially Islamic environment for your child.

Shaping Future Leaders

We believe our students will be leaders and scholars and model Muslims to lead this Ummah and our society at large, Insha’Allah.

A Highly Qualified and Encouraging Staff

Teachers focus on memorization of Quran with an emphasis on makharij (pronunciation) and tajweed (rules of recitation) and at a pace custom to each student.

Deeper Understanding of the Quran

Students will take courses in Quranic Arabic to develop their understanding of the Quran.

Intensive Final Exam

Upon completion of the Quran, the student is required to recite the Quran in its entirety in one day ensuring impeccable memorization and retention as a final exam.

Transitional Track

Upon completion of the Hifdh program, students are placed in a program where they will be readmitted in their current academic school year within Furqaan Academy.

Developing Tomorrow’s Leaders

Students are trained to lead Salah, deliver Friday Khutbahs, lead Taraweeh, deliver motivational speeches, teach Quran to others, and deliver Halaqahs – all of which we hope will inspire a generation of ideal Muslims and Muslimahs, Insha’Allah.

5-person Quran Department

Students are provided with a proper structure with the head of department, two male teachers and two female teachers ensuring that each student receives proper attention.

A Gender Separate Atmosphere

There are separate classrooms for female and male Hifdh students.

Structured Classrooms and School Environment

Our administrative team works throughout the year ensuring schedules, classroom procedures, and academic curriculum are all structured to guarantee a smooth and successful academic year.

An Accredited and Recognized School

Furqaan Academy is accredited by COGNIA, formerly known as AdvancED, and is fully recognized by the Illinois State Board of Education.

A Holistic Educational Institution

Students will not only memorize the Quran in its entirety with great retention but will also have opportunities for developing character, a confident Islamic identity, ability to translate the Quran, dawah skills and much more, Insha’Allah.