NEWS Academy will be closed on Thursday Nov 24th and Friday Nov 25th

Quran and Hifdh Teacher


  • Assist students in full time Hifdh and integrated program with memorization of the holy Quran
  • Teaching the Arabic alphabet  (Qaeda Nouraniyah) and recitation of the Quran with basic Tajweed rules to children
  • Mentor, prepare, motivate and develop memorization skills of children who are planning to become huffadh 
  • Following a process for frequent reviews and tracking progress of students
  • Providing feedback to parents and FABB Management
  • Evaluating students and conducting periodic examinations, & competitions
  • Developing and instilling Islamic values and convictions in the students
  • Maintaining discipline, motivating and encouraging student involvement in all Hifdh related programs 
  • Reporting discipline issues through school form to the parents and the FABB management
  • Recording students’ grades on engrade for 5 quarters ( including summer one)
  • Conducting parent- teachers conferences in school
  • Prepare, motivate and encourage students to participate in out of school competitions
  • Supervise students during different activities, prayers, lunch and play time
  • Substitute when other Quan teachers are absent
  • Support school mandated policies

Desired skills and abilities

  • Hafidh (memorizes Quran) and should be able to recite with proper tajweed
  • Ijazah Certificate is a bonus
  • Previous Experience of working with boys of different ages
  • Good communication skills 

 Preferred Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  • Strong Islamic Character with good communication, organizational abilities
  • A strong understanding of Islamic etiquette and appropriate behavior
  • A thorough understanding of challenges and situations related to youth
  • Knowledge of computer applications such as MS Word, Excel is a huge plus.