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Our Achievements





Valedictorian Award
CIOGC’s Annual Dinner
(2016 & 2018)

Lexus Echo Competition Winners

Inter-Islamic School
Arabic Spelling Bee:
Best Performance

IJAS Regional Science Fair
1st and 2nd Place

MIST Chicago 2012 Best Hifdh School
Helping Hands Talent Competition Winners

Our Other Awards

1st & 2nd Place in Chicago-Wide Qirat Competition

1st Place in LEXUS ECO CHALLENGE across 12 States

1st Place/1300 in Scholastic “FLAUNT IT” NFL Nationwide Essay Contest

District Level Champion at the District Spelling Bee 2022

2nd Place in National ICNA Girls Hifdh Competition

1st & 2nd Place in Chicago-Wide Adhan Competition

1st Place in Qirat & Adhan & Nasheed in American Muslim Icon 2017


High Scores on Standardized Testing

28% of our students performed above 90th percentile

44% of our students performed above 80th percentile

83% of our students performed above average

Best Chicagoland Hifdh School Award

Produced over 34 Huffadh/Hafidath

Focus on Retention & Understanding (Arabic is required)

Stringent graduation requirements (recite entire Quran in one day)


A Complete Learning Environment

Confidence in Leading

Long-Term Retention Focus

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Important Notice:

Furqaan Academy is fully recognized by the Illinois State Board of Education. First Islamic Private School to provide Public School Transportation to students. The Academy has produced many huffadh, Alhamdulillah. A lot of these huffadh lead Taraweeh in different mosques around the United States of America: California, Georgia, Florida, and Illinois. Students start this program by leading Taraweeh at the Academy itself. First senior graduation took place in May 2015/2016 school year. Junior High students of the school year 2015/2016 participated in the Lexus Eco Challenge competition, organized by Scholastics. They won $10,000. The project presented was about how to preserve Monarch Butterflies. Junior High students received the 1st position in IJAS, Will County Science Fair. Awarded Best Chicagoland Hifdh School Award in 2012.